Tsipras reshuffles cabinet

first_imgOn Tuesday began an effort by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to revive the people’s trust in the government ahead of the 2019 election.The reshuffle of the cabinet coincides with the first time Greece will operate outside of the memorandum realm since 2010, when the First Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece i.e. the first bailout package was signed.While Tsipras has decided to instill several younger cabinet figures in preparation for a general election most key members of the pre-existing Greek government have retained their positions.The MPs and ministers involved in the country’s creditor-mandated bailout program such as Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and his team, all remain in their roles.The new cabinet introduces minor changes, mainly to the ministers for the interior, public order, justice and culture bringing six women on board.Tsipras’ move has been hailed “a concerted shift to claim the centre ground” for the big poll battle in September. .“It will be the mother of all battles,” Tsipras said taking into consideration the new financial reality for Greece.“Our country, the government and the party need new blood and more appetite for work.”Commenting on the Prime Minister’s decreasing popularity, independent MP Haris Theocharis told Reuters that “He is not the Tsipras of 2015,” adding that nearly a decade of austerity has left the country brain-drained and over 20 per cent of its population unemployed.“The radical rhetoric has gone and he is now clearly trying to establish Syriza as one of the two pillars in a two-party system. To do that he has to open up to the centre, but how successful he can be is another question.”Many took to social media to deem the change to the cabinet “pointless” and a “media stunt” in a last attempt to derail public opinion from the fact that more than one third of the country;s population is living below the poverty line.Other commentators were more eager to see of the new administration will manage to bring effective change to infrastructure following the recent Mati wildfire crisis that saw 97 lives claimed. THE NEW CABINET: Vice President of the government: Yannis DragasakisDeputy Minister next to the Premier: Dimitris LiakosGovernment’s General Secretary: Akritas KaidatzisInterior MinistryMinister: Alexandros CharitsisDeputy Minister: Marina ChryssoveloniDeputy Minister of Macedonia and Thrace: Katerina NotopoulouCitizen’s Protection MinistryMinister : Olga GerovasiliDeputy Minister: Katerina PapakostaEconomy and Development MinistryMinister: Yannis DragasakisAlternate Industry Minister : Stergios PitsiorlasDeputy Minister: Stathis GiannakidisDigital Policy, Telecommunications and Information MinistryMinister: Nikos PappasDeputy Minister: Lefteris KretsosNational Defence MinistryMinister: Panos KammenosAlternate Minister: Panagiotis RigasDeputy Minister : Maria Kollia-TsarouhaEducation, Research and Religion MinistryMinister: Costas GavroglouAlternate Minister of Research and Innovation: Costas FotakisDeputy Minister: Meropi TzoufiLabour, Social Security and Social Solidarity MinistryMinister: Efi AhtsioglouAlternate Social Solidarity Minister: Theano FotiouDeputy Labour Minister for Social Security Issues: Anastasios PetropoulosDeputy Minister: Athanasios IliopoulosForeign Affairs MinistryMinister: Nikos KotziasAlternate Minister of European Affairs: Georgios KatrougalosDeputy Minister for Issues of Religions: Markos BolarisDeputy Minister responsible for Expatriates: Terence Spencer Nicholas QuickJustice, Transparency and Human Rights MinistryMinister: Mihalis KalogirouAlternate Minister of Corruption Issues: Dimitris PapagelopoulosFinance MinistryMinister: Euclid TsakalotosAlternate Minister: George ChouliarakisDeputy Minister: Katerina PapanatsiouHealth MinistryMinister: Andreas XanthosAlternate Minister: Pavlos PolakisAdministrative Reconstruction MinistryMinister: Marilisa XenogiannakopoulouCulture and Sports MinistryMinister: Myrsini ZorbaDeputy Minister: Georgios VasiliadisDeputy Minister: Constantinos StratisEnvironment and Energy MinistryMinister: Giorgios StathakisAlternate Minister: Sokrates FamellosDeputy Minister: George DimarasInfrastructure and Transport MinistryMinister: Christos SpirtzisDeputy Minister: Nikos MavraganisImmigration Policy MinistryMinister: Dimitris VitsasShipping and Island Policy MinistryMinister: Fotis KouvelisAlternate Minister: Nektarios SantoriniosAgricultural Development and Food MinistryMinister: Stavros ArachovitisDeputy Minister: Vasilis KokkalisDeputy Minister: Olympia TeligioridouTourism MinistryMinister: Elena KountouraGreek Territory Minister responsible for Every day Citizens’ Issues: Alekos FlabourarisGreek Territory Minister responsible for the Co-ordination of the Governmental Work: Christoforos VernardakisGreek Territory Minister and Government Spokesman: Dimitris Tzanakopouloscenter_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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