You Cant Get BMWs New Wireless Charging Pad in the US

first_img Pay attention, Elon Musk: BMW is rolling out wireless car charging for its 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid.Taking a page from the smartphone industry, the luxury automaker developed a giant charging pad that communicates wirelessly with your car.“This technology allows energy transfer to take place without the use of cables,” BMW boasted in a press release.When pulling into your garage, for instance, simply follow the visual instructions on the touch-screen display (blue lines help guide the driver) to position your vehicle over the pad. Look for a green circle, which appears once you’re directly over the charging plate. Then switch off the ignition and let technology do the heavy lifting.Look for the green circle (via BMW)As described in the video below, the system uses a primary coil in the wireless charging station to generate an electromagnetic field, the energy from which is transferred by a secondary coil in the car to the high-voltage battery pack.A completely empty 9.4kWh car battery is fully reloaded in just 3.5 hours, at 3.2kW capacity—about what you’d get from a direct power source, The Verge reported.“This form of power supply to the high-voltage battery is extremely convenient for customers,” the manufacturer said.The prototype system is still in the “testing and evaluation phase,” a spokesman told the tech blog; BMW still requires approval from the UL safety consulting and certification company.There is no word on when the pad will arrive in the US and Canada, or how much it will cost (too much). BMW plans to launch the charging station in other countries “early next year,” according to The Verge.Energy is transferred from the charging pad to the car battery (via BMW)More iPerformance plug-in hybrids (330e, 740e, X5) and electric vehicles (i3 and i8) are expected to join the wireless charging force at a later date.Your move, Tesla.Apple, meanwhile, is the latest handset maker to introduce wireless charging: Earlier this month, the tech titan announced that its iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and AirPod earbuds can simultaneously refresh without added cables.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target This Apartment-Like Camper Van Could Be the Future of Van LifeElon’s Musk Air Freshener Makes Your Car Smell Like a Billion Dollars last_img

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