The steamed stuffed bun bun tower Ergu taste

said the steamed stuffed bun, the popular impression of Tianjin is the most familiar Goubuli, is not only a famous brand Goubuli baozi, many Baozipu in Tianjin are very famous, very authentic taste of steamed stuffed bun. Slowly the Tianjin baozi has been classified as a regional brand of steamed stuffed bun.

Tianjin buns as loved by the people of the special snack in the folk, has spread for thousands of years long. It is a kind of economical and popular food, enjoying high reputation in the north, in the whole country and even in many countries. Stuffed with delicate fresh pork, more than ten kinds of material, add broth, Peru, using Chinese traditional old hair alcohol combined with modern life of two kinds of fermentation formula, surface quality flexible and elastic, white and lustrous color package. Make dumplings can not deform, off the bottom, can not leak into the shape of chrysanthemum. The flavor is excellent materials, thin filling large, mellow taste, fresh palatability, fat but not greasy, is a major feature of Tianjin baozi. The spring of 1956, known as the Tianjin dumplings, in the long process of circulation, production technology of continuous improvement, has become a must in Tianjin, reputation Yuanyang overseas.

Tianjin Gulou Ergu baozi. Professional training in Tianjin Tianjin soup dumplings and steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun to Tianjin is the first national communication of Tianjin food culture base. Tianjin Gulou aunt dumplings Tianjin is famous brand to Tianjin you just ask a person knows! Franchise has been developed from Tianjin to Hebei Province, Shandong and other regions. And expanded to several stores throughout the country many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Tianjin Gulou Ergu baozi is the largest buns training base. In 30 years of retirement by a national professional pastry Goubuli steamed stuffed bun to teach Tianjin technology and Tianjin Guantang technology.

The headquarters of the

along with science, full-time teaching, practical operation, Maxivista, kanenori package. Until independent operation. Can go home shop. We allow students to master a solid basic skills, the purpose is to learn through the system, to be able to successfully set up shop standards. The brand used to recruit regional authorized agents and franchise based business model, to provide a full range of business counseling for each authorized operators, help them grasp the operation of the market development and related technical skills, ability to achieve independent shop management. Small investment, low risk, high profit, stable income, long operating time is the development of the brand agent and franchise characteristics.

join the advantage analysis of

Ergu Gulou buns

first, the investment risk of less than ten thousand yuan to open a small shop (excluding store rent)

two, the public fast food customers can spend a few dollars to eat good food (cheaper than other fast food)

, a three year no off-season business on fire (money every day)

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