What are the trends in clothing store decoration

clothing store in order to attract the attention of consumers, while focusing on product quality, but also pay attention to the decoration of the store environment. Some people do not know how to decorate the store, then might as well try to use the current fashion trends, then clothing store decoration what popular trend? Let’s take a look at it.

design boutique, color is the soul of the store, minimalist style

retire after winning merit

this year, two major trends in the clothing store, in addition to large flagship store opened in succession, and that is the color return to store, to replace the popular minimalist style for many years. In addition to the color of the store design highlights the bright, broad space, and pay attention to the planning of leisure space and dynamic facilities, at the same time, posters, video screen is also filled with. As for the shape of furniture, quality materials and commodity display, etc., there is less innovation.

whether popular shops or exclusive shops, almost impossible to resist this color trend, as a store of plastic

One of the ways of

brand style. For example, Japan’s Comme des Garcons in red as the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honor is located in the Paris shopping street? The main color decoration; Champs Elysees flagship of Morgan ceiling with large red; Energie shop everywhere in the fresh red and yellow and pink collocation. Mandarina Duck store with yellow and light blue with the design; Celio Sport is orange tone.

space spacious large store

Paris Osman Avenue area Citadium, Burton, Forum and Des Halles Mango, Bercy shopping center, Tokyo Andaska Diesel, the left bank of the Seine River Kooka? And Miu Miu, Rivoli street Etam, all the "big" for the call. Not only the actual size of the store, but also the use of a variety of space planning, so that consumers feel a sense of spacious. For example, Citadium wide entrance space, two sets of escalators can see transparent internal parts; Kooka / BMango stressed that consumers around the store is not spacious comfortable, like the H& M display of the crowded clothes. However, in this wave of space, the store’s interest rate per square meter, was greatly reduced.

comfortable shopping environment

in addition to spacious shopping space, the stores have also joined the leisure and leisure furniture facilities. New York >

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