Look at how to win the Shen Xiaofu rice noodle shop consumer turnover rate

What is the marketing theme of

catering industry? It is clear to everyone that this problem, we will eat Gang consumption, it is the key of the catering business, the consumer after feeling very important, this is the key factor that can decide than lasting business. Rice snack bar business is the same, the truth is not the same, only consumers have a good impression of our food and beverage stores, in order to become our loyal customers, but also the key to the success of rice noodle shop franchise. Because both the establish a reputation, stable customers, or a brand, the development of enterprises, win the favor of consumers, enhance the restaurant in the minds of consumers a good impression, is crucial, known as the "senior management strategies of emotion management".

1, remember the name, identity and habits of consumers, so that consumers can feel the restaurant service attentive, considerate and respect for consumers, thereby increasing consumer confidence in the restaurant.

2, etiquette to have scale, restaurant service etiquette has strict norms, but also pay attention to the time and manner appropriate, too cumbersome and considerate, but also sometimes counterproductive. For example, consumers ask yourself, and the waiter must according to specifications to the waiter kept greeting, will cause consumer resentment.

3, consumers are always right. This is a well-known Chinese and foreign food service industry are very popular. The restaurant’s purpose is to make the consumer satisfaction to obtain economic benefits, rather than consumers distinguish right from wrong, for good or bad. Therefore, the food and beverage service industry generally have such a requirement for each fee should let consumers understand

4, the consumer is most afraid of the restaurant secretly cut off. Consumers are not afraid to spend money, but money is not clear who is not willing to, for example, most restaurants offer free tea service, tea service and some restaurants should be charged, but the restaurant in the tea service and consumer demand, not say, to the checkout, but there was not a lot of tea the Philippines, often caused by this dispute. Even if consumers did not say what, but the hearts are bound under indignation. Because this approach can be seen as cheating is violations of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Therefore, the project to allow consumers to know first, so that consumers can understand the choice and make decisions. In any case, are allowed to quarrel with consumers, not to say no attribute, even if the fault in the consumer, but also to the consumer.

5, refused to force sales. Some waiters in order to improve sales, and constantly to promote food to consumers, and even always sell high-end dishes, which is the most objectionable practices, so that the main reason for the loss of tourists. Some restaurants require the waiter to take the initiative to explain the amount of restaurant food to consumers, and according to the number of consumers to remind consumers that food is almost enough to eat, >

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