Foreign trade apparel industry has great potential to join the chain can save costs

for foreign trade clothing, consumers have to admit that there are a lot of new design, but the price is high, has always been difficult to accept, in order to reduce the cost of foreign trade clothing industry went on to join the brand of the road, which can solve the problem of "shortage".

has been the arrival of October is a milepost of "clothing alliance", the founder of the woods made last year a year to open hundreds of stores in the plan for everything in good order and well arranged. For consumers in Shanghai, foreign trade clothing store (warehouse) everywhere, but for foreign trade clothing operators, to find a platform to provide specialized sources is a difficult thing.

"in the next 5 – 10 years, the export orders will be a lot of internal digestion, survival." Shanghai excellent clothing shop Clothing Co., Ltd. Lin, who is in charge of the daily economic news interview, said the brand of foreign trade supply management platform in the country are scarce resources, there is a huge space for development.

"in addition to cheaper prices, fabrics and workmanship, ahead of style and other reasons, another important factor is engaged in foreign trade clothing does not need too much money, low threshold." Lin said the reason of foreign trade shops in recent years favored, "the foreign trade clothing store is now cheap, because is far less than the cost of these clothes.

"for manufacturers, through the chain to make the brand more easy to copy, reduce the cost of development. For businesses, by joining, you can get the brand strength through the smallest input, and thus improve sales capacity." Lin believes that the operation of mass consumption of foreign trade clothing, mature residential areas and the surrounding schools is the best place to operate.


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