4 self 3D printing layman entrepreneurial thinking is very important

in our society as a whole, there are always some wonderful business in the stock market touched each of us, at the same time, through the understanding of some good business stock market, can also help us to establish a better business confidence.

from top to bottom is 3D printing craft, Wing metal parts,

Print, although the concept is not new, but in the real application level, or a company called "dream technology" of the enterprise in the past will be consistent in Chongqing on taylor. The end of the Chongqing contact soon, more than a dozen manufacturing enterprises, medical institutions to the dream of an olive branch.

in the first half, "the dream" to complete the 3D print finished more than and 200 kinds of forms, in the industrial centres in Chongqing, they found their breakthrough in the field of industrial applications and medical applications.

, QQ group chat bubble Library


said there are unbelievable. Two years ago, none of the four founders have a professional 3D technical background, can come together, thanks to Ren Jianwei’s personal interests.

"at home almost no too many professionals." Ren Jianwei can only enter the QQ game player group for advice, but as the industry group in the "white", few people talk to him.

"high precision, and later polished beautifully." A coastal 3D printer maker says he found Ren Jianwei and took his work to make a poster.

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