Five lines of free transfer of the third party payment challenges come

interbank withdrawals transfer fees this link, to bring people who are very inconvenient, therefore, the third party pay fire up. Yesterday, the five lines jointly launched mobile phone transfer free policy, which is a challenge for the third party payment. However, the five lines of free transfer, the people are very happy.

2 25 July, engineering, agriculture, in construction, over five banks announced the implementation of domestic RMB bank remittance free mobile phone and Internet banking policy free 5000 yuan remittance, Alipay and WeChat teamed up to challenge the official Internet payment of third party payment.

the central bank payment and settlement secretary said that from April 1st this year, the central bank payment system will not implement the fee waiver for bank charges, to urge banks to implement free.

"the contract is a large state-owned commercial banks to actively respond to the government call, the implementation of Inclusive Finance, protect the interests of depositors, enhance the bank service specific initiatives." Conference, the five lines said that the future will also implement the personal banking account real name system requirements, strengthen information security protection. At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of the people’s Bank of China on the classification and management of accounts, the completion of the stock account of the first, second, third class account system transformation.

system transformation, will support through online self-service equipment or open class II and III account, to meet the needs of users online deposit to buy investment products and other financial products, the limit consumption and payment requirements. At the same time, will be the first to carry out the customer’s bank account information verification in the five row, meet the cross line online account opening service.

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