Spend a thousand generations of fish join prospects

at the moment, the fish taste is very attractive, many people choose to spend a thousand generations of tasting fish, its taste delicious, spend thousands of generations of fish headquarter is to take exclusive chat, for consumers to bring a delicious experience.


] how to spend thousands of generations of fish

spent thousands of generations of secretary of grilled fish is different from the traditional fish products on the market, the original roasting technology let the fish more tasty but also retained the greatest degree of delicious fish, secret recipe combined with many kinds of rare spices, and better improve the taste of the fish. The society for consumer diet more selective, distinctive delicious can attract consumers, spend thousands of generations of fish with secret signs fish become high popularity delicacy brands on the market, where a fiery.

[] join advantage fish spend thousands of generations of

A. Store designed by the company’s professional team, a shop style, gorgeous fashion, simple timber, decoration costs far less than the individual independent tracking decoration costs

B. scientific and rational expert process management, the number of workers with less than 20% of the number of workers employed in the industry

The management system of

C. Kingdee software tailored to store management, more simple, even if there is no management experience in the catering industry, can grasp the

store management method in a short training period

D. headquarters unified core ingredients distribution, so delicious food production is easy to learn

E. professional kitchen equipment unified procurement, lower prices, better quality, more simple operation

F. staff idea and theory of professional training and combination of practical training, rigorous training and examination, training of qualified staff posts, to ensure the quality and quality of

shop operation

G. unified planning publicity, publicity costs lower, better effect

[conditions] generation spend thousands of fish to join

1, I and family health, have passion and enthusiasm in the industry

2, spend thousands of fish generation business ideas and models, interested in venture capital

3, good sense of cooperation, good business reputation

4, dedicated to the operation, and have a certain degree of market sensitivity, with confidence in the food and beverage industry

5, investment in all costs, and can undertake a certain business >

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