Yancheng science and technology entrepreneurship contest in full swing as the nternet has become a

business has now become a theme of a society, especially some new technology and business combination, recently, Yancheng held in Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship competition, some new Internet business projects also received a very good response, have become a hot item.

"320 entries in the Internet reached 62, accounting for nearly 20%." 17, learned from being held at the second session of the Yancheng science and technology entrepreneurship contest organizing committee, "Internet plus" has become the innovative hot item.

"in the popular background of entrepreneurship, highly innovative, in promoting a number of reform initiatives and support innovation and entrepreneurship policy, Yancheng is ushering in a new round of entrepreneurship." Deputy director of the Yancheng City science and Technology Bureau Zhou Jie said, with the Internet era is coming, "Internet plus" has become the best way for many entrepreneurs to start a business on the road. Cross-border integration of the Internet and other industries spawned a large number of new technologies, new formats and new economic growth point, to promote the industry towards high-end, thereby promoting the transformation and upgrading of the entire social economy.

"at the Yancheng science and technology entrepreneurship competition," a new form of Internet plus "is being formed, health, education, culture, agriculture, finance, trade and other industries and the Internet have a very good fusion project." Zhou Jie said.

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