Years ago a street vendor business supply is very important

now in life, some vendors are very common, and sometimes some stall business obscure, often profit is very alarming, then immediately to the New Year! Years ago put stall business how to make money? The following small talk about some real cases of


1, a street vendor selling fashion to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common, profit doubled, it depends on how you choose clothes, there will be sold.

2, a street vendor selling coin coin ring ring, of course is not made of coins. The purchase price in a few cents, generally sell 5 yuan a. Give a value " to it; a coin to build, " never fade; let a person feel value, so the fire for a period of time.

3, a street vendor selling books and magazines books and magazines, the purchase price of ten yuan, five yuan, a lot of the supermarket there, you need to find a good place, can sell very well, but also can be sold for a long time, just started a little high.

4, a street vendor selling mobile phone accessories to sell mobile phone accessories, mobile phone film made mobile phone now, for some people is essential. Not much investment, profits can be closed, and now engaged in the industry has a lot of people, so do it carefully, and there is no different place, whether it is a product, or sales methods.

5, a street vendor selling album healthy diet a healthy diet book, the wholesale price of 2 yuan a set, generally sell 10 yuan, the majority in the market to sell, people now pay more and more attention to the health of the body, the profit is also good. But there’s a market for you, and not many people are selling.

6, a street vendor selling song disc DVD disc price cost is empty, of course, to add a manual fee. Prices are not fixed, and some earn on sale. Many in the market to sell, you can also sell mobile, it is best to buy a speaker. When you want to know what to buy good sell in.

7, a street vendor selling small jewelry jewelry jewelry small cost is generally not high, you can get cheap goods, jewelry must be fashionable, it is best to have a nice package. So you can sell a little higher, a little more profit. But don’t push too much.

8, a street vendor selling travel products, low cost, high profit.

In fact, for many



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