The prospects for the development of children’s early education industry to investment analysis

in today’s society, education has become a sunrise industry, at the same time every year, there will be a lot of people choose to venture into the education sector, especially the early education market, now parents increasingly emphasized the importance of early education for children.

How about early childhood development prospects:

How about early childhood education industry development prospects:

in China, every hour more than 2000 babies born in the city; at present, the domestic 0  the number of infants at the age of 3 has reached 10 million 900 thousand. According to a new survey on the consumption of children in the city, the average annual investment in education for children per child for more than 3000 yuan. That is to say, every year in those who were crying baby hands, for holding 30 billion "gold silver". For an investor with a keen sense of touch, that means two words – business opportunities!

How about early childhood development prospects:

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