Not how exhausted and can quickly write soft text a

specification for typesetting and smooth language

I believe that every reader likes to see a clear article, which includes clarity and typography.

layout of the clear and smooth words will bring readers high comfort, do not think that these soft and Never mind, in fact, personally think it is a very important relationship! First of all, could you write the soft, and is not very good, but if you put the above two points do, at least give people the first impression that is good, that he may be willing to put your article. If the article also need to edit the re layout, it is estimated that people are lazy.

if you want to see me again bothersome a words: first of all, a good soft Wen title must not appear typos, minimize the use of punctuation, here mainly consider some web page limit of words, from the appearance of the title, the first letter is not the best. The text before the empty two grid, I believe that when we know the primary school. The best on the network each blank, each paragraph of the body is about 200 words, up to 300 words. An article in the 1 screen to the control of the screen and a half, if more than 1000 words, it is best to add a small title for each paragraph. All this is for the reader to read comfortably!!!

The importance of

Title Production

by the way, under the title, it is important that I do not have to say, there have been numerous predecessors warned us. A good title allows users to generate reading mood. But not just in order to attract readers and not a title and content, so the theme of priority, to attract users in the premise of the priority theme refining keyword! At the same time, the title must be smooth, otherwise you have a key theme words, but failed to make people understand what it means.

soft integration

is now coming to the point

personally feel that the soft can be divided into three categories: news to the practical to entertainment.

news to the industry is not difficult to understand some related news; practical experience, is to help, such as entertainment to the range of skills; writing is very light, such as story, pictures, stories, jokes, gossip.


often write text, don’t need brains every day thinking about writing a 100% original, ask, so you can write a month long?? two months? If you can go down for a long time, I can only say that you are good! As a webmaster, you don’t need to take out the time spent on the original 100%. Why do I always emphasize the original 100%, because it is not cost-effective.

first said the news to the integration and practical, these two kinds of soft Wen is the most easy to establish the image of the site soft. The most common is to select a theme, and then from the three or four themes of the article into a whole article. Remember, I’m talking about integration, not asking you to piece together! All you need to know is what you want, what you don’t need, don’t think these three or four are good

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