For pets do allow you to imagine the marriage market

when it comes to dating, this is not a new term, a lot of people are relying on this rich, but almost not many people will think of animal to open a matchmaking, to introduce you to a business like this, let you see the pet is really more business opportunities!

"pet matchmaking service center with matchmaking process is similar: should first let the pet registration, pictures, set files to mate, looking for a match like a pet, and then inform the owner of the scene, the negotiated price, let alone the" couple ", to cultivate their feelings, dating at last intermediary fees charged.

the establishment of professional pet matchmaking or matchmaking center, the overall investment generally need 40 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan, the monthly operating costs in 4000 yuan, 5000 yuan, including space rent, publicity expenses, staff wages and utilities etc.. In terms of revenue, pet matchmaking is the implementation of a single fee, bitches after conception, according to 200 yuan, 400 yuan / only the price charged. If you encounter some of the rare species of dogs may be thousands, the profit will be greater.

If a suit for

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