2012 online money making project

network now has quietly entered the people’s work and life, many people slowly also cannot do without the network, then start to keep pace with the development of the situation, many people took 2012 online business projects.

online shop item 1: health and beauty products: from the international online shopping market, the health care industry in the online sales of books and music even more impressive than unemployment, purchase of goods, because it can avoid the street people curious eyes and face the salesman, often by people of all ages, to become adults many web sites;

online shop item 2: crafts or Collectibles: many electronic shopping malls, including "the Imperial Palace bookstore", "celadon Gallery" and so on, to take aim, can enjoy, and buy some handicrafts and cultural relics collection value, this kind of website to attract a large number of users;

online shop item 3: jewelry and jewelry: high profits and low transportation cost, but also online watch, jewelry for an important reason that attracted investors;

online shop item 4: sports and tourism activities: by 2004, the Internet sports goods market generated $641 million in sales.

2) planning program online shop online shop: many website building software can help to design an online store, do not need to start from scratch;

4) program to shop online payment solutions: the selection of a suitable bank and open an account, make sure your customers’ credit funds on the card into the


the better do e-commerce website:

1) online bookstore, a new way of shopping, online bookstore is a book in the electronic commerce industry in the successful application of


2) women’s website, hold up half the sky;

3) male website, the dominant force of network culture;

4) entertainment website, a new bottle bottle.

A small sum is the whole network of more than

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