Entrepreneurship encountered a bad partner how to do


‘s career, the worst partner is very sad, this time, do not turn? In fact, there are a few tips to make you better deal with such a partner. When you start a business, you have to understand that your business partner is your biggest enemy.

and business partners together, like a marriage.

1, everyone needs to have a clear role, the company must not set the joint chief executive, such a position. Do a good job division, you do this, I do this.

2, if the partners do not invest money in the company, then their shares should gradually be diluted – which means that over time, their shares will become less and less. Usually four years is a time period. If they quit or quit, they had only a small portion of the shares, or even any shares.

sometimes beat you is not your enemy, competitors give you more pressure, and a bad partner to bring your business can be a disaster. Your business partner is even worse than your competitors, because you failed in the end, it may not be because of competitors, but because of a bad business partner.


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