Shop to stand operating

said the shop management, now many people have chosen such a path, if asked what business skills, almost every owner can talk. However, Xiao Bian remember who said such a word, the shop can not sit, stand to operate. This station, of course, is not like a model like, stiff there can be. Stand, not only to speak, but also the line, and actively to the customer to send your friendly information.

business year, hhrrc don’t dry, saying: "today very early? Go to work? Have you eaten?" Even if it is said: "today is very cold." Light will allow customers and you have no sense of distance, but the relationship between brothers and sisters. Words, not much to say. It is said that more nagging, inevitably provoked resentment customers.

customers into the store, not because of other things, and no response, it will make people have a feeling of being ignored. Eyes must be with the past, of course, can not always stare at others, even if it is a smile, it will make people uncomfortable. Point, put a hand, customers will relax, feel at your store to buy things at ease.

met her child customers, if possible, as far as possible to help people to hug children, then picked up a small toy, or the lollipop children. You make the customer taste the sweetness, the customer will let you taste the sweetness.

customers to buy good products, good packaging packaging can personally, even if it is only a convenient bag, but also as far as possible in place, rather than dominate customers.

as the saying goes: customer is god. Since he is God, he is right. No matter what a customer complaints, if what will follow, others, or that everything is Killing with Kindness, smoothly done or easily solved. Friendliness is conducive to business success. ancient principle.

customers to buy things, even if it is to buy a box of cigarettes, do not put on the counter, to try to hand over to the customer, the customer feel you and affinity, often say thank you, and even forget you earned his money.

although these are small shops operating in the process of small things, but if the natural do it, no doubt can make customers feel more intimate, and thus more trust in the shop. In short, small words and deeds, great benefit. Only when we pay more attention to the details of the business, the business will be better day by day.