Northwestern University College of modern entrepreneurship incubator center was founded

with the continuous development of China’s innovation, many foreign countries are worth learning from the entrepreneurial experience and initiatives are taken to the domestic and promote. Innovation and entrepreneurship incubator platform is one of them, the introduction of the entrepreneurial support agencies, greatly improving the survival rate of China’s entrepreneurial projects.

1 8, Northwestern University Institute of modern entrepreneurship incubator center. At the same time, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the center for the training of high-level talents awarded the modern academy of entrepreneurship and employment training demonstration colleges honorary title.

Modern College chairman Liu Jiaquan said, will further support for college students, from office space, financial support, technical guidance, equipment, staffing and other aspects of multi pronged approach, which makes the students have double profit results timely to investors, for the benefit of the community. The general manager of the project innovation and investment projects on behalf of the general manager Li Hua with 2 million yuan in the first round of investment, with strong financial support for the college students entrepreneurial projects.

listing ceremony, also held a modern school the most recent innovation achievements "Witkey brothers" film conference.

The probability of success of innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students

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