What are the creative ideas

operates a number of traditional business, in the short term is probably not quit the stage of history, there is a good market, however, the industry in the fierce competition, want to expand on the business to need to face more competition, the need to pay more efforts, the end is not bound to succeed. As a result, the creative business has become the choice of more people. So, what are the creative ideas?

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What are

creative ideas? There is a T-shirt shop the shop decoration, elegant design, exquisite design various walls lined up, some simple and elegant, some beautiful, some bright eye-catching. Most notably, a corner store stood a wooden one for embroidery. The boss knows his store less money, worry about inventory occupied too much money, one can not go too much. To this end, she added a create new styles of additional services, after the customer bought a T-shirt, the boss will be advised: "please choose the one you love pattern, okay?" If the other party agrees, the clerk will use the machine to print the pattern on the t-shirt.

approach two: Earn future money

an American loves photography. One day, when he aimed the camera at a group of children playing and playing, suddenly produced a bold idea, after returning home, the refinement of integration, to develop their own future goals. What are the creative ideas? Many years later, the amateur fifty published an advertisement, said the hand has a lot of precious old photos for sale, the price is 150 dollars each. Those children have grown up, miss the beautiful childhood has passed away, very much like to know the appearance of a child. The secret of the American’s fortune is that it.


way to kill two birds with one stone

What are

creative ideas? There is a hotel in Holland because of poor management, the risk of collapse. One day, the boss looked at a flat in the back of the hotel and came up with an idea. On the second day, he posted a large advertisement at the hotel gate, which reads: "the CYE Hotel plans to provide the following open space for the customer’s use of a commemorative tree. If you are interested, plant a tree. In order to leave a permanent memorial, we will give you pictures, and hanging in the tree and the tree of your name engraved with your date sign. Next visit, appear in front of you will be a tree with luxuriant foliage. The hotel charges only sapling."

approach four: creative products

What are

creative ideas? Li Xiaoli sells vinegar vinegar, called vinegar drink. Vinegar in the service is static, and bars, tea houses almost, the difference is vinegar drink is a kind of new type >