Waste incineration can also create amazing value The prospect of the industry can not be underestim

mentioned waste incineration, the first thought is pollution, I do not know after this there is a broad and attractive market space. What is the prospect of waste incineration? Its future is power generation. Waste incineration can generate electricity, which will ease the energy shortage will have a very big role in the future development of the natural response.

2.: using SCR high efficiency low temperature catalytic denitration system, reduce energy consumption compared with high temperature catalyst is more than 50%, large waste incineration plant turbine exhaust the natural ventilation cooling tower, cooling tower with forced ventilation reduces the energy consumption of more than 90%; 3 high capacity: the intelligent control system of furnace and boiler burning, optimization design, improve steam parameters, the use of large incineration equipment, can make tons of garbage incineration power generation increased by 10%.

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