National Outstanding Youth Award Hefei branch of the 11 selected only North

University of Science & Technology China is located in the beautiful capital city of Hefei, Anhui, in this land continue to play their own academic advantages, and constantly cultivate a large number of outstanding talent. The National Outstanding Youth Award, Hefei branch of the 11 selected only the North University, below and a small series of specific understanding.

, a reporter from the Hefei Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the National Natural Science Fund Committee announced 2016 projects funded by the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young applicants recommended list of announcements, 2016 National Outstanding Youth list officially released a total of 200 people. Hefei City, a total of 12 people were selected, including University of Science & Technology China, a total of 11 people were selected, second only to Peking University, in various universities and research institutions and the Tsinghua University ranked tied for second, China Academy of Sciences Hefei Institutes of Physical Science in 1.

the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund (hereinafter referred to as "the outstanding youth fund) to support, has made outstanding achievements in the basic research of young scholars choose to carry out innovative research studies, promote the growth of young science and technology talent, attract overseas talents, cultivating a group into the outstanding academic leaders.

education is the root of a nation, directly related to the next generation of the motherland, the importance of education can continue to train a large number of outstanding talents, the benefit of society, the benefit of our motherland. University of Science and Technology of China is one of China’s institutions of higher education, and has been widely recognized by society.

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