How to open a teahouse to make more profits


chose to invest in business, access to higher profits will become the pursuit of more entrepreneurs. Like other business owners, the owner of the teahouse is pursuing profit maximization. In the low input high output, high input high output, high input and low output in 3 states, most of the Tea House hopes to low input high output. And, there are a lot of tea in this area to create some experience.

1. paid the man.

Beijing, a new tea house is being built. They hired 1 outstanding occupation manager with an annual salary of 160 thousand yuan, and sent him to Shenzhen and other more developed market economy area of learning to learn. I asked the owner of the tea house: "is it worth it?" The boss said: "value! Investment in talent, will get good returns. Do you think he (Manager) in the income of the wage is part of ‘earn first, after the Commission’, and the store is still the big head."

I think the boss is a good start in the teahouse industry. This is the traditional "there must be rewarded under the brave" more meaningful. He is not only a businessman but also a businessman. The era of knowledge economy, is to rely on knowledge and expertise to make money. This is the real sense of "win-win", but also can be sustained "win-win"".

2. tea memo.

2004 years, in some of our tea shop, the implementation of the tea table adjustment: first, according to price classification, or by tea varieties classification. Secondly, the single low absolute value of tea in the tea in the front row. For example, Longjing tea 18 yuan / cup, $58 / pot, 188 yuan / share. In this way, the first customer to see the price is relatively easy to accept the price, help to avoid or eliminate the negative impact of "expensive tea house".

3. a few dollars performance grade.

, for example, with white porcelain plates of half the water, then add some small shells, small conch, small stone, when the ashtray, the effect will be better than gold, jade, ashtray, more interesting and more grade. For example, placed in the room on the table with the teahouse logo pad and the Chinese brand 3B pencil, let the guests enjoy "the provincial and ministerial level treatment". This can often receive less money, more work, less investment, more productive effect.

also will take good staff on the welcome, bar, room and other eye-catching wall, timely transposition, annual repairs and other initiatives, can also receive less input and more output "effect. "Less investment, more productive" is a universal pursuit, it is not easy to do. But diligent pondering, clever effort, or can be harvested. Tea house, try it.


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