Fuyang District Youth nostalgia entrepreneurial base was formally established

now, entrepreneurial platform has been recognized by the community, to become a powerful means of entrepreneurial support. The establishment of the Fuyang youth nostalgia entrepreneurial base, to help young entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial career, build a home belonging to entrepreneurs.

12 4, Fuyang District Youth Entrepreneurship base present new export nostalgia Hangzhou Honglong Park was founded. The same day, the base held the first Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship story sharing, Hangzhou policy far Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Shang Fang Fang network technology co..

emerged under this background, Fuyang District Youth nostalgia entrepreneurial base. It relies on the Hong Long Park, covers an area of 30 mu, building area of 28 thousand square meters, composed of business base, creating the world, LIAN space, ecological services and other four professional modules.

"entrepreneurial to go the distance, my hometown is a good place." The base by the Fuyang party and Honglong park is a common building, could see the mountains, see the water, remember homesickness "Park, is a let entrepreneurs have family warmth and sense of belonging of the business platform.

build regional business platform should be combined with local advantages, the development of unique resources to help entrepreneurs to develop unique entrepreneurial projects, and finally let all venture capital to achieve sustainable development.

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