College students do online home business wealth life

is now online store many kinds of goods to the shop is a Home Furnishing too many to count, very common classification, early to pay attention to the rich good business opportunities, to realize the dream of wealth, this hero is so, he began to do Home Furnishing shop business from the University of the times, the final success.

"they fear me their counterfeit goods, but do not believe can sell furniture online!" Talk about the initial search for the source of experience, Chen Zhongfeng remember. At that time, he ran dozens of furniture factory, furniture factory ignore him, small furniture factory did not trust him, finally tuoshuren, linked to a furniture factory, but the supply of poor quality, resulting in many problems of customer service. Hard start site, finally due to funding strand breaks down. But he is not willing to fail, decided to change the platform, relying on Taobao mall and Taobao two stores selling furniture. Chen Zhongfeng decisive decision to save the entrepreneurial team.

see this case, people will feel entrepreneurship as early as possible, a lot of good business opportunities if caught early, it will increase the possibility of success, but as long as you have entrepreneurial dreams, people should unremittingly to achieve the same to the protagonist.


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