ntroduction to the development of Japanese cuisine

catering market a lot of investment projects in the development of a brand like a raging fire, a lot of development are good, the development of Korean cuisine is very strong. The improvement of people’s living standard Chinese makes people to upgrade the health of consumer demand, which leads to the number of brands and stores in Japan continued to increase, and the emergence of a Japanese style Izakaya, Hot pot, Japanese cuisine and other sub category. Edo Maezushi has been operating in China for more than ten years in the domestic brands, multi-level strategic layout, and is preparing to contact the capital. Edo Maezushi chairman Jiang Bingsheng told the Beijing Daily reporter, in order to strive for the industry "leader" status, Edo Maezushi plans to introduce the way of capital to speed up the store copy. He said that before the catering business in contact with the capital, the need to send the way through the equity, to solve the problem of employees who do, to maximize the effectiveness of corporate investment.

Japanese cuisine from specialty to specialty store

health needs to broaden the daily blue ocean

The change of

market demand affects the development trend of the industry, the domestic Japanese brands and the number of stores increased sharply behind reflects the growing market demand. According to Jiang Bingsheng introduced in 2006, when Edo Maezushi opened its first store in Beijing, Beijing Japanese food stores or numbered, but now has reached about 1500, and is still growing at an annual rate of about 150, while the Shanghai Japanese cuisine store growth is faster, from 2000 in 2006 increased to more than the current nearly 7000.

in Jiang Bingsheng view, the rapid growth of the domestic Japanese restaurant is precisely because of the advent of health food outlets. "Japanese cuisine attaches great importance to the healthy and fresh food, Japanese cuisine can also because of material on the inscription success is beneficial to human health. Nowadays, with the increasing number of middle-income people in China, people’s demand for healthy food is also more and more vigorous, which promotes the development of daily food in china."

with the number of domestic consumers to travel in Japan, consumption continues to increase, consumers for Japanese cuisine has gradually deepened understanding of love, Japanese consumers are more and more, the consumer has become many domestic Japanese restaurants target consumer groups, the daily data of domestic brands began to multi-level layout. It is understood that Edo Maezushi is currently in the new brand for facing different consumer groups, mainly Edo Maezushi, edomae sushi and brewing Deep-Fried Spare Ribs brand. Jiang Bingsheng said, edomae sushi and Deep-Fried Spare Ribs brand will be mainly for the business district and the two or three line of the city, and plans to join the mode of reproduction, and positioning in the high-end Edo Maezushi is still with Edo Maetezushi as the main product and the direct mode in a second tier city development.

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