500 yuan started female farmers reclaimed land build up the family fortunes

entrepreneurship is a hot topic, many people want to start, but Yangaoshoudi, so not really put into action and the success of the. 500 yuan started business started, female farmers reclaimed land we listen together to build up the family fortunes, her entrepreneurial story.

she contracted 2000 acres of barren hills

flower age, Ding Meitao did not like a girl playing in front of their parents, but her father held 500 yuan money, contracted 2000 acres of barren hills in Zhanyi county. The countless thorns all over the mountains and plains, cut her hands, she hired several workers and a little bit of cleaning weeds, jungle road. Live in a simple shed, eat the water to pick up a few kilometers away. In order to save money, she ignored others with strange eyes, carrying the bag into the street picked up others dropped to peach seedlings. A year later, she was in the 2000 acres of barren hills planted apple trees, pear, peach, plum…… Barren mountain not barren, permeated with the breath of spring.

3 years after the fruit bearing orchard listed, Ding Meitao harvest a pot of gold of life. However, Ding Meitao is not satisfied by sight, in 2000 she enrolled in Zhanyi Longyuan farmhouse, built 3. Conjoined greenhouse 20 thousand square meters, the planting of ornamental fruits, starting in Qujing, the first tourist agriculture, annual income of 10 million yuan.

"balsam pear in the bottle, the idea was really a bit whimsical." Speaking of wine, Ding Meitao excited. A chance, Ding Meitao learned bitter effect through TV, she played a kind of bitter gourd wine in the bottle. In 2005, she bought thousands of glass bottles, began to grow. In order to make the idea into reality, only a high school degree, she carefully access to information, consult the agricultural experts, after numerous tests, and finally found the right way to grow bitter gourd bottle. 3 years later, the first batch of 3000 bottles of wine just off the assembly line was looted, visual and taste very attractive wine caused no small fluctuations in Qujing. In 2008, Ding Meitao confidence building up an annual output of 50 tons of wine production line, licensed for wine, began mass production.

"around us farmers are to her study for free planting technology, as she taught technology out of the bitter melon yield is very high, but do not have to worry about sales." Zhanyi County town of pine village villagers Zhang Chunyan tasted the sweetness of planting balsam pear. Today, farmers around the balsam pear planting area of 30 mu, with an annual output of 50 thousand bottles of wine, the products are exported to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other city, but also exported to Vancouver.


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