How to start a business without spending a penny when the boss

in today’s economic downturn, a lot of people graduate means unemployment, but just graduated from college and no venture capital, then no money how to start it? The following Xiaobian for everyone to bring a zero cost business case, for reference only.

to start, first of all to start-up capital. Do one of the most common enterprises, registered capital ‘starting price’ 30 thousand yuan." Worried about the occasion, Gao Xianwei accidentally received a campus in East Lake, the Development Zone Industrial and commercial bureau sent to the campus leaflets – Entrepreneurship zero down payment". The suspicion under, the two decided to try.

5 at 8:30 on the morning of 27, Gao Xianwei came to the East Lake Development Zone Management Committee, the office of the building on the 6 floor. "I want to sign up for a network company". Walk to the front of the window, he explained to the staff: see your unit’s leaflets, said the university graduates can be ‘zero down payment’." Yes!" Window staff warmly received him, with a student card?" "With." "Where is the company?" "International business center, this is the proof of property." "Oh, very familiar!" The staff looked kindly at the young boy, handed him a form, "the board of directors, board of supervisors and shareholders equity rules to fill."

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