How to open a home textile store

with living conditions improving constantly, for the pursuit of quality of life is also in constant progress, especially in the textile is very exquisite, many franchisees will encounter such a problem, when beginning in the shop was relatively smooth, location, decoration and evaluation values are doing well, even in I had no problem what shop. However, in the latter part of the operation, the more the more problems encountered to the back. Here Xiaobian for everyone to bring home textile shop management skills, I hope to help you.

the first time should be as much as possible, because you need to give customers a variety of products to choose from. When there is a certain understanding of the customer, you can lock certain kinds of products, because the money is limited, only the centralized capital investment to limited categories, you can purchase a large amount of individual products, require wholesalers to lower wholesale prices.

when you lock in certain types of products, the number of individual items can be divided into the number of display, inventory and turnover. The number of display is the number of goods you put on the shelf, the number of inventory is the number of goods in your warehouse, the number of turnover is the actual number of shipments during the two purchase. How to run a home textile store? From the experience of many years of business operators to come to the conclusion that at least 3 of each single product to be able to maintain a relatively benign commodity turnover.

open a home textile shop how to operate? When you enter a commodity and a hot, soon you need for the commodity separate replenishment, then no matter from the amount of time and money, are The loss outweighs the gain.. And you’re not replenishment, and had watched the customer left disappointed. But if you go into the 3 pieces of the same goods, in sales over the period of the 3 products, other products are also likely to need replenishment, so you can go to a one-time replenishment to improve the efficiency of the replenishment, replenishment and save expenses.

thank you for your patience in this article can be read, in a small series of writing, there are still many of the deficiencies, please don’t mind, open a textile shop how to purchase? You know what is the season when selling products, and more products, more products will complement, let the store look rich. As in the sale of finished goods, to quickly replenishment, so in order to win more customers.

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