Dai Guofang was released from prison after 1 billion yuan ndonesia construction stage a comeback

since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, there have been countless entrepreneurs, everyone has a different story. Let us together today to see the former "iron giant" Dai Guofang was released from prison after 1 billion yuan in the construction stage a comeback, Indonesia’s story.

onto the pinnacle of life Dai Guofang, with his own for the iron and steel roll man’s life and family possessions on bet

2008 in November, to restore freedom to the Dai Guofang back home, after two years of reflection, and the accumulation of experience, he once again into their familiar love for the iron and steel industry.

2010 in August, at a distance of 370 kilometers outside the home in Wujin Yancheng City on the edge of the Yellow Sea, he re established the Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry Co. Ltd., the registered capital of 200 million yuan. At present, the company has become the largest production base of nickel iron alloy.

free of Dai Guofang "in Yancheng, the factory is busy, perennial home"

2009 in April 17th, after the "marathon" trial, after 5 years of iron in the case of some inconclusive, Dai Guofang when he was 45 years old because of "falsely making out invoice for deduction of tax crimes, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. From April 19, 2004 to sentencing, Dai Guofang was detained for five years, so he was convicted at the same time, get free.

two assets disposal with Dai Guofang’s freedom has become a pressing matter of the moment. According to the China Economic Weekly reporter, the first piece of assets is the old town of Dongan District, the original iron factory in Wujin. Dai Guofang jingfangxingju, recommended 2004

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