First line brand cosmetics to join a good project good choice

human nature is the desire for beauty, it can be said that everyone has the heart of beauty. So, choose to join the cosmetics business projects, is a very wise choice. Quality of the project, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship, choose to join the first-line brand cosmetics?

first-line brand cosmetics to join a brand: L’OREAL

L’OREAL has many brands, and we usually know is a big L’OREAL brand, today we gave a cosmetics brand franchisee to popularize the knowledge of the L’OREAL group is the world’s largest cosmetics group, Helena is the top brand flagship products; second tier products are Lancome and Biotherm (Biotherm); three or three lines in the following products: LOreal Paris (L’OREAL), Kiehls (Keihl’s), American jazz, Garnier (Garnier), Yuesai, small nurses, INNEOV; and CCB PARIS, the brand cosmetics brand Shu Uemura (Maybelline (Maybelline), Shu Uemura); cosmetic brand brand Vichy (Vichy), LA (ROCHE-POSAY Li Fuquan, SkinCeutica), LS (Duke), so brands of cosmetics must have joined the L’OREAL group under the big line of skin care products.

brand cosmetics brand two: Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

is a lot of women has been the most well-known brands of cosmetics, indeed, her popularity is relatively high, in addition to her eye cream is popular Chinese, now let us look at the brands of cosmetics franchisees who must understand their home some of the brand knowledge, Estee Lauder’s top brand La Mer (La Mer the translation of the ocean), Hong Kong blue, first-line brand Estee Lauder; second tier brands Clinique (Clinique); three line brand Stila (Origins), Origins, Prescriptives, Aved, Malone and Jo (kenmeng), in our usual cognition, always thought that is independent of the Clinique brand, but Estee Lauder’s really next, so our brands of cosmetics franchisees who must know how many brands of cosmetics, in order to first-line brand makeup Products to do better and stronger, so as to have a better development.

brand cosmetics brand two: Shiseido

cosmetics brands franchisees need to know a lot of European and American brands, also need to know a lot of Japanese and Korean brands, now take a look at the Shiseido big top brand Cle de Peau (CDP), IPSA (Yin Fu Sha); second tier brands E>

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