From the gate to the classic case of president of group of grassroots counter attack

in our life, often in some grass root counter attack phenomenon, then Xiaobian want to say this one is actually a real life example of a real version, see: President of a group from a door guard.


South fight has suffered "sold out"

1999, 17 year old Li Shi, even junior high school have finished him with a "make a living away from home" the courage of the way south. Wanted to go to the land of the villagers in the "Shenzhen" work hard, but in the next train after being "sold out" to Dongguan Houjie a place called Chi ling.

from sales, sales manager to marketing director

will not understand? Li Shi, who works harder than anyone else, sleeps only four or five hours a day, while other workers go to work and go to bed when he goes to bed.

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