2016 the nner Mongolia Autonomous Region college entrance examination network volunteer should pay

college entrance examination and development linked society, is completely different from the previous version of the paper to fill volunteer, and now the Internet has become the entrance fill volunteer after a very important event, various matters related to natural candidates also need attention. So, in 2016 the Mongolia autonomous region college entrance examination network volunteer should pay attention to what?

first, the candidates are not allowed to use the plug-in software to fill the volunteer, where the use of plug-in software to fill the volunteer, the use of a stop for 5 minutes, can not be modified during the reporting period.

two is the candidates and parents need to pay close attention to the online voluntary reporting arrangements, do not miss the online voluntary reporting.

is the three candidates online voluntary reporting to the attention of their daily colleges require the "2016 the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region college enrollment plan", some specific conditions zhuanyezhizhao candidates, candidates who do not meet the conditions will not be accepted.

four is the candidates to see the "2016 the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region normal college admissions regulations", the professional admissions requirements, admission rules are candidates in addition to the two important reference information to the attention of the ranking. Candidates in the overall consideration of the rankings, enrollment requirements, college admissions rules and other conditions are met on the basis of comprehensive judgment can be admitted. Not included in the 2016 the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region college admissions regulations in the college admissions regulations, the Ministry of education on the college admissions sunshine project designated platform.

five is a college enrollment charter without explicit admission rules, or the clear "the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region education entrance examination center to develop the professional arrangement way", a group of undergraduate Toudang admission to sort results according to the enrollment plan within the scope of professional volunteer cleaning rules, other batches shall be in accordance with the rules of admission of professional volunteer cleaning.

six is when the candidate ranking results are the same, for area colleges free medical reform orientation, enrollment plan, enrollment charter institutions outside the region does not explicitly merit rules, the Liberal Arts candidates followed by real test scores, language, integrated arts, foreign language, mathematics; science class candidates in order according to the actual test scores, science mathematics, integrated science, Chinese, foreign language sort, preferential arrangement of professional.

seven candidates are required to fill their own voluntary, shall not be entrusted to others or intermediaries on behalf of the filling, and shall not be replaced by others.

eight is a candidate to keep their own candidate number and password and other personal information, in order to prevent the loss of password leakage caused by disputes. I need to forget the password candidates, "ticket" and the two generation ID card to the Qixian entrance examination to reset the password. Candidates because of their own reasons for the password leak, resulting in non voluntary reporting of my wishes, the consequences of my own conceit. After completing the volunteer, >

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