Take the four step you can create an excellent team

now entrepreneurs are very worried about the problem of creating a good team, if a start-up company has a strong team, then the probability of success is large, how to create this excellent team? The following steps must be experienced.

So how to guarantee the

Second, to produce a product prototype, and let everyone believe that the market prospects. Apple Corp has a new idea at the beginning, when the first generation of computer prototype, with apple to test the water market. Now Particle, Makeblock, Voltera these robots and 3D printing products in the field can help you quickly produce a prototype, even if the car is a large object is also applicable.

Third, the supply chain should have a certain degree of control. How much do you want to make, how much is the cost? When the production of the first generation apple apple computer in Silicon Valley, the manufacturing cost is low, but now no longer on Silicon Valley start-ups attractive, they moved to Shenzhen, looking for suppliers of raw materials, components in high-tech manufacturing park in Shenzhen.

the above 4 steps of startups is a rising curve of the golden period, the very fine operation of large companies, is not suitable, they do not have a mature idea, the prototype is not on the market. The start-up companies are particularly vulnerable to investors and consumers to their feedback, in the immature stage can form a product prototype, which is

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