Smile can usher in a good reputation for the store

is now the owner of the retail stores are aware of the importance of a good reputation for the development of the store, however, reputation is a step by step out of the. How to create a better reputation for the shop, the shopkeeper will become a lot of things. As a retail customers, Zhang Hong has a deep understanding of this point, and keep smiling face to shop hospitality, to create a very good reputation.

Zhang Hong’s retail store in the south of Huaian City People’s road, only around the department store business there are 10 households, the competition is fierce. But Zhang Hong can stand out and have to admire. When asked about Zhang Hong’s business, he said, in order to leave a good reputation, you have to have hard work, first of all, the customer should take the initiative, enthusiasm.

is not to say, "people have no smiling face.". This is a retail customer service as the most basic conditions, but also to narrow the distance between consumers and an important way. The attitude of the customer hot and cold, is to leave their first impression, the first impression is good, the greater the probability of business transactions, and vice versa.

a road of discourse, the reporter could not help but repeatedly nod. No matter which consumers, to your store to buy things, if you see a cold face, love kind of ignore the way, they will buy your stuff? Zhang Hong also told reporters: "the customer enthusiasm is not only reflected in a smile, but also come from the language of care, care for them, take them as a friend and confidant, and not always only consider their own interests of customers to deceive customers blandishments, only in this way, they buy the next time you can think of goods."

then he said things happened in last year, that is July day in late afternoon, two drunken customers to buy a bag of soft Chinese cigarettes, lit the fire and smoke two or three mouth, the thin man put the cigarette thrown out the customer on the ground, but also on the side he said: "you are honest look, you are selling counterfeit cigarettes!" I smiled and said: "boss, you are not misunderstood? My cigarettes are sent to the tobacco companies, the quality is absolutely guaranteed!"

looked at me not admit the counterfeit cigarettes, thin man staring red eyes said loudly: "I smoked the smoke than you see, you still quibble!" Finish saying, the bag that pack cigarette is thrown to my face, and still want to begin the appearance. In this case, I still lose smile. Looking at the two people I love and my appearance, quickly called the area of the inspection team and the manager’s phone.

after 10 minutes, the inspection team and customer manager Liu Liang Sun Huaizhong arrived in time, in carefully identified after they were the two customers said: "this is absolutely genuine cigarette smoke, and the US tobacco companies recently.

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