Panzhihua water conservancy project progress

in the process of economic development, it is necessary for the infrastructure construction. Panzhihua in order to further promote the development of economy, water conservancy project carried out the voice of the people. So, Panzhihua water conservancy project progress? The following and small series of specific understanding.

2016 years, the city’s water conservancy livelihood projects are small-scale water projects and the construction of key water conservancy project. Up to now, the construction of small-scale water county, the new effective irrigation area of 1346 acres, to complete the task of the target of 67.3%, the completion of the funds allocated $5 million 940 thousand.

Guanyinyan water diversion project has been the realization of the 4 section of Jianshan tunnel project started, the cumulative footage of 1260 meters, Guanyinyan Pipe Bridge No. 2 pier 3 on April, 1 months ahead of the completion of the concrete pouring; 503 pipe bridge, Lotus Pond pipe bridge is arch concrete pouring, bridge deck system and pre skeleton processing the installed pipeline; 8850 meters; investment 73 million 38 thousand and 800 yuan 1-5 month. Two water conservancy projects have achieved more than half the time, more than half of the mission objectives and tasks.

The construction of water conservancy and people’s livelihood project of

is a small peasant construction project, which can bring a lot of benefits for the farmers. From here we can see that the important role of local government in the development of the local economy is not to be underestimated!

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