Suitable for small businesses in the district to make money

in today’s society, entrepreneurship has become a choice for many people, especially some young people tend to do poineering work, what small entrepreneurial projects are compared in the living area of? Here is a look at a few examples.

in the residential area for profitable small business: sewing shop

The development of

in the residential area to make money for small business: flower soil

position should be selected in the park near or relatively prosperous area, the facade is not too big, there are 2 rooms will be. Spend a lot of soil processing plant is also a line, there are 100-200 square meters of space can be. Need to hire an expert to flower soil, according to the characteristics of various kinds of flowers, with flower soil containing different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic or inorganic fertilizer variety, to meet the needs of a variety of flowers of the 3-4 to hire a worker, buy 1 tricycles, average production according to flower soil 2-4 cubic. One year accumulative total about 10000 cubic meters of soil can flower.

in the residential area for profitable small business community: small kitchen

in the residential area for profitable small business: fruit shop


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