Mother and daughter also prepared pregnant older women please be careful

comprehensive "two child" policy, let a lot of older mothers have regeneration. Mother daughter at the same time pregnant phenomenon is also more. For older women, small can only wish, please be careful!

With the implementation of a comprehensive

with "release the full two child policy, Hefei has a lot of more than forty years old pregnant women. Recently, the reporter visited the Hefei part of the community, find several older women, in addition to a 48 year old people and 24 year old daughter and pregnant. Give birth to two treasure for them, the pregnancy reaction makes them extremely tired, but the mood is full of expectations.

to Match 8 Women’s Day "recently, Lin Dian Street Federation Family Planning Association invited dozens of students to have to take the ring" two treasure "mothers, hold health lectures for them, to help them give birth to a healthy baby. Reporters learned that there is a mother and daughter are in the scene that day, prepare pregnant, but her first born, my mother is going to a second child.

left red (a pseudonym) 48 year old sister, daughter 24 years old, graduated from university last years ago just married, were ready for the baby. Originally when grandma Zuo Hong, that the "comprehensive two child policy, think" two treasure "desire is lit, she and her husband to discuss another


"over the years, I have to go to the community to do the procedure, decide to try." Left sister said she and her husband married for 20 years, according to the policy can only have a child, with the growth of the child’s desire to reproduce a long time has faded. After the policy liberalization, they want to give birth to a. Just past the new year, she told this idea to the family, some people support some people do not understand.

left sister said, she can understand her daughter’s idea. Fortunately, after persuasion of the whole family, mother wants to "two treasure" idea also recognized her daughter.



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