Store location should not be high in the floor

for many people now, in the choice of location, are "appropriate high should not be low", however, not everything is so. A person’s life, in order to better life, will continue to look up, up. But the shop is different, the general store can not be opened at high, if the store opened in the top floor, then virtually removed a lot of potential customers.

millet is a shop owner who had two years experience. At first she opened a store, and later moved upstairs because of rent. She looked at the situation of the whole building, decided to move to the top of the store, where quiet, the environment is good, the key is the rent is quite cheap. After a few months of operation, gradually have a feeling of difficulty.

she didn’t feel this way, because of her things in the store are very beautiful, gucci Womens little things, her uncle year living in Europe, so they collected some small things beautifully holding people back home to her. These small things are bookmarks, pens, Ben, a key chain, so the price of the sale is not high, coupled with the store decoration is very European style, so many people come in to patronize.

her regular replacement, there are a lot of people are old customers. Even if she changed places, these old customers will come to her, that she is still attractive. But in the past few months, in addition to her former customers, new customers very few, because the move is not particularly close to the place, so some old customers do not often come to her store.

millet is very depressed, I think this may be the location of the building is not good, but she found that the 1-4 layer also has a small shop selling things, things are not as good as her home, but there are many people. This made her very puzzled. Aren’t the people in this building interested in small things like stationery?

as she has heard make blind and disorderly conjectures on the occasion, said: "just bought the book, I love this bookmark in the book is written by an American author, a cover of" America ", I can’t find the bookmark! Just go to Taobao to see, but there is, is not cheap freight, together with more than and 20! Not worth!" Millet surprised, home goods are not on her mind? So when accosted, the man went to her shop, went in a sigh, this thing is her love.

"how did you open the shop here?" She was surprised to ask millet, millet this was found to be the location of their own problems. Sure enough, the man said she would shop so high, no one knows that the store! Millet is this: see light suddenly, the original own store into a drive in a vacuum shop, no one knows!

this is the case, people usually do not go to the top floor, office white-collar workers in a day of work, on

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