The shop can not bully

whether it is bullying, or cheating, now many shops once bigger easily in the face of the customer’s unconscious reflection, let the customer uncomfortable, this shop, also how to do business? So, if the shop to do business, do not bully.

it is undeniable that each customer’s spending power and level are not the same, but I have been treated equally, warm reception.

those who consume a high level of customers, usually into the shop directly to a certain commodity, and then take delivery of the goods, consumer behavior and quasi fast. To tell the truth, my heart is very grateful to them for their trust in me. Look at them so trust me, let me more determined their business philosophy: to the quality of the service to the.

customers who have a low level of consumption sometimes question the quality of the goods, and I always explain patiently until the customer accepts it. Some customers do not have a wallet, I do not give them a coin, worried that they lost the money.

successful operation of a shop may have a lot of skills to master, however, the most basic principles of operation can be mastered, I believe that the operation of the store will have a very big help. In short, a business, regardless of the amount of money, my attitude is the same service. This is the shop not bully, respect to the customer, but also for their respect.

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