How to carry out the essence of network marketing network marketing

in this article, I will tell you how to correctly carry out network marketing, the reason for this is because 90% of the site is not profitable, and even many companies simply burn on the Internet, but do not have what effect.

so, a set of correct network marketing ideas and network marketing model, will be your smooth development of e-commerce, and to achieve a strong guarantee for the purpose of profit. As long as I told you to grasp the idea, you can quickly carry out your online business in a very short period of time, let your competitors follow you in the ass eat ash.

What is the nature of

network marketing?

general concept is: network marketing is selling things on the internet. This is also true, but this is obviously dependent on the weather, the luck to do business thinking. In fact, the network marketing is

defined more clearly, powerful and poignant

network marketing essence is: how to maximize the spread of hook bait.

yes, and different brands, big brands have accumulated many years of customer groups and loyal fans, a little publicity, sales will be significantly improved.

and ordinary people do network marketing, like fishing, fishing can catch 1, the 2, you can catch a lot of, you see how to operate. As long as you put your hook and bait spread wide enough, then the fish will be enough, fast enough, you will be the rapid expansion of bank deposits.

must have a fishing hook and bait, bait is used to attract customers to come, "hook" is to hook customers.

has a tempting bait and a sharp hook, you caught the customers to develop your own pool, cultivate the feelings between you and trust, appropriate to the customer who is difficult to get some benefits, this time, you have your own pond".

has your own fish pond, the equivalent of having your own coffers, or cash machines. Doing business people understand that customer is the source of profit, the lifeline of enterprise customers.

and above mentioned fish ponds, is your old customer training base". With these old customers, plus you are constantly fishing new customers come in, so your fish ponds will be more and more big, network marketing exhibition will be more and more smoothly, the business is getting better and better.

remember a word: e-commerce success depends on the size of your fish pond.

the above content, I will write a few detailed articles in the next few days.

how to correctly carry out network marketing?

the right to carry out network marketing, you must:

1, a good quality products.

2, a stable customer base.


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