Baidu on the acquisition of a simple analysis of Chinese network


network transmission and acquisition of Baidu news, perhaps more people will ask about the network transmission is credible? Remember an old saying that it is the so-called There are no waves without wind., now on the Internet since the Baidu acquisition aspect Chinese net, then I believe it or ongoing. I believe we all remember this year, Baidu’s largest acquisition – in July 16th, Baidu spent $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless, so far in the field of mobile Internet has its own place.

focuses on the Internet news friends may already know the recent 248 million acquisition of network literature about enterprise, analysis of the prospects of the acquisition is considerable, according to the analysis, or will make in the field of literature and mobile advantage has been further improved. It is not difficult to see that the acquisition of network literature business or will be a success, however, now Baidu’s acquisition of Chinese and network transmission network, why accompanied by acquisitions, Baidu started its own acquisition plan? Is because the network literature has entered a new period also is the acquisition of parties have their own small abacus wishing to enter other areas of


what is the reason Chinese net acquisition aspect for Baidu, which now we can only guess, then there will be speculation since it is right or wrong, in a "Baidu and perfect world of acquisition aspect Chinese network" mentioned in this paper compared with network literature acquisition enterprises, Baidu’s prices are not high, in fact, for the price of the acquisition, the level is a both acceptable range for the acquired business profits are given.

we know that for the acquisition, the price is on the one hand, often buyers are most concerned about is after the acquisition to the enterprise can bring a space or website how promotion, we may understand, Baidu mobile reading in the acquisition of 91 radio 91 panda, how cool bookstores, and now in the plan the acquisition and Chinese network, About Baidu have two reasons why should the acquisition, perhaps as some industry insiders analysis: Panda main client, how cool the main Wap terminal, PC terminal main aspect Chinese network, complete coverage of the network literature industry chain.

If the acquisition is successful or

will allow the two sides to a higher level, so the analysis for the acquisition of Baidu is really like the industry to form a complete coverage of the network literature industry chain, this A5 station network ( editors think not prematurely judge.

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