Electricity supplier website to change the book strategy Suning 1 stores no longer self


technology news April 21st afternoon, had caused the war as a category, the book business seems to have been not so favored, once a high-profile import into the book business web site now has electricity cuts: to cooperate in the sale of books and 1 store dangdang.com, Suning 3C business focus is no longer self book business.

According to the children’s book

relay press leader Wang Junsheng said: "at this year’s Beijing book fair, Suning said after the Spring Festival will not book, we press currently has not received Su Ningxin orders." He said the main task is to clean up the current Suning inventory, the future is no longer independent sales books.

this is Su Ning confirmed that the relevant parties to sina science and technology, said Suning this year’s request is focused, focusing on the advantages of 3C and other more obvious categories. Books are not sold, but after the sale of the third party platform, the category of books is increasing."

had high-profile books into the self-service shop No. 1, eventually gave up on this strategy, a few months ago and dangdang.com reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides mutually settled the most important category, shop No. 1 will be handed over to the Dangdang book business operations.

and in the Jingdong (scroll information), according to Wang Junsheng revealed that there are books on the side of the Jingdong platform to promote the book while doing, but also shorten the payment cycle with the press.

, however, denied the Jingdong, saying it had never been booked. "According to different varieties had different quantity, newspaper, book, best-selling books focus on more general books may offer less." Jingdong is currently the World Book Day promotional activities.

had Suning and Jingdong have high-profile books into proprietary business and marketing at a loss, and this was seen as one of the means to attract traffic: Book for sites only promotional items, with the flow of books, other real money appliances, commodity sales volume soared. But sustained and focused owe, let the electricity supplier website in the book business efforts to cut.

analysts pointed out that at present in the book market Dangdang and Amazon still has the advantage, for Dangdang books is the core category, but due to lower profits, Dangdang will expand to the clothing department store category, won the recognition of capital. The Amazon through the Kindle in the promotion of e-books, which means that the electricity supplier book price war is coming to an end, and the electricity supplier website has begun to take the difference by the whole category route. (Lin Ming)

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