After the public online shopping mall fake customer service fishing

news (reporter morning) recently, the lady in the Jingdong store and bought some books, the day before yesterday afternoon, she received a phone call claiming to be the Jingdong store, in order to send a link to the problems with her, did not think the other is sent to the fake phishing sites of Jingdong.

yesterday, the relevant responsible person responded that Jingdong, Jingdong has always attached importance to user information security and data protection, strict supervision of the platform businesses, called on the user to take personal account security upgrades. 360 online shopping security experts Liu Fujun believes that the user information leakage and hit the library attack (referring to steal the user’s account and password on other platforms, trying to log in online shopping malls, such as Taobao, network platform).

online shopping encounter phishing + telecommunications fraud new scam

Ms. Gao, the day before yesterday afternoon, she received a phone call claiming to be the Jingdong customer service, the other will provide online shopping when the telephone, her name, the purchase of goods and other information all say, let her dispel suspicion. Then, the other told her because the order submitted to the system failure, resulting in an abnormal delivery, she needs to log on the system to cancel the order and then re purchase, then send a network link.

Ms. Gao opened the link, select the start operation, which is transferred to Jingdong mall login interface. But this interface in addition to the red login link can click on the other links on the page are invalid; enter the mailbox and password login will jump directly to the online trading platform. Friends around the site said there are problems." Ms. Gao in a friend to discourage the cancellation of the transaction, found that the login phishing sites phishing Jingdong.

reporter compared to the high miss login phishing sites and Jingdong official website found that the two are very similar. However, there is no change in the site after the refresh page, there are a lot of invalid links, and even fill in the wrong password can successfully log on, the domain name is too long.

Jingdong said personal account security need to upgrade

the day of the incident, Ms. Gao had to call the customer service phone call to seek Jingdong. Customer reply said Jingdong will never disclose or abuse user information. In case of such fraud, it is recommended to deal with the alarm.

the day before yesterday, the Jingdong mall responsible person responded, the Jingdong group has always attached great importance to the user information security and data protection, called for the user as soon as possible to take security account authentication and other security measures to upgrade.

said the person in charge of Jingdong platform merchants have been strictly regulated, the provisions of the buyer shall not disclose information to other network shops or operators". For irregularities, Jingdong will be in accordance with the rules of the platform for severe punishment platform businesses.

expert weapon

password check, look at the domain name, trial link

360 online shopping security expert Liu Fujun said, and Ms. Gao encountered similar cases are not uncommon, this "fishing + telecommunications fraud" is a new comic trap scam, often seen as "Jingdong," Taobao refund "refund", related to online shopping orders.

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