Discussion on how to play a hundred battle

how to fight a hundred battle

if you don’t know Groupon, do not know "each group purchase a" group purchase website, you have OUT, since March, the U.S. group, handle and other web sites listed, many investors have 100 is now estimated to be eager for a fight, group purchase websites, including the U.S. group, handle, sweet, love to go to groups, 24 tickets can be purchased, cola and so on, the rapid development momentum of the unprecedented fierce. This website has brought tangible benefits to consumers, brought benefit to businesses, while competitors and more scattered, although just listed two months, but welcomed by many users, however, we should see clearly the weakness of website:

first, low technical threshold. The most recent soil net free open source code of this web site, even if you do not understand technology, playing 35 days can be listed, technical barriers become zero, this has caused many short term as like as two peas similar sites burst;

second, a single website profit model. The site of the profit from the business way after the discount price then took part, of course, a lot of good business opportunities not too happy to do so, some bad business businesses may points in order to increase the popularity of the store, try one or two times, but simply try to make reference and the netizen called website loyal customers? This is worth discussing. The only way to profit from the site is to sell the surplus value from the business, which may be dangerous.

third, cooperative business scope: these sites generally group purchase business cooperation is fixed (rent) into a larger, is of itself into service business, but a month to pay fixed rent, usually idle time why not accept some customers? Such as KTV, billiard room, gym, training courses etc.. However, these businesses are limited resources, a city can carry nearly a hundred buy site


fourth, on the line. Under the line of business development team is the most important aspect of the site to determine the survival of the line, if the team’s ability to perform weak, poor bargaining power, will inevitably lead to backward. So rely on line operation, how to establish and manage the huge business team, is not an easy thing.

based on the above weakness, a lot of group purchase website launched fierce enclosure movement, because a single profit model, and cooperation is limited, there are a lot of strength of the site began to seize the city resources, handle network is said to have to seize the more than and 20 city home, the U.S. mission network also announced a large-scale landing in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing City, love group also plans to quickly set up the station team and so on, so it looks like a 100 "mission" will be staged war, how to win in this battle? I think need to do the following work:

first, reserve funds: An army marches on its stomach. Since there is no barrier to technology, publicity equality, then to seize the urban resources, it is necessary to reserve a strong capital, there is no strong capital, it will not be able to occupy more cities in a short period of time, according to the author

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