Recalling the history of the nternet 20 years every crisis will spawn a new giant this time is no

Abstract: in the past 20 years, after each large-scale winter, the Internet will be the emergence of new giants. If the stock market boom has evolved into a new crisis, what kind of projects are more likely to win a limited capital battle, the new giants may be in what areas?Although some

yesterday to recover, but in recent weeks, the world’s major Internet giant market still appeared nearly 10% or more callback, only last year hit the world’s largest IPO scale Alibaba, fell below the issue price, the highest price relative nearly halved, pessimism about the future seems to have re the mainstream trend.

but for the change is the theme of the Internet industry, this should not be a big deal. Even if 2000 like the bursting of the dotcom bubble, or disaster 2008 financial crisis that may come again, is more of a removal of impurities, and found the opportunity to exercise gold.

past 20 years, the Internet business history, almost every crisis with the tide fall be inopportune or inappropriate, the new Nongchao summit.

in 2000 after the dotcom bubble burst, the first generation of information portal YAHOO stand eBay, Amazon provides depth Internet business of the company quickly replaced the position of Google, until 4 years after the representative of the new model of information portal has become a new generation of Internet king.

of the financial crisis in 2008, at a crucial period of the development of mobile Internet, carrying too much historical cost, failed to properly define the future of NOKIA, although on the mobile Internet up early, but also looking at apple on the throne, he can only accept the fate of decline at the end of the crisis.

was born in the post bubble era Facebook, by virtue of the business social network another depth of Internet, Google has become the most powerful challenger. Although it soon faces the challenge of mobile Instagram, such as Whatsapp, but with strong resources in the capital market, as well as the social network itself, the low substitutability, it successfully solved the challenge.

for the new king, the key is to seize the new trend of rapid growth, but the crisis has also screened a large number of competitors, including the confusion of the incumbent’s attention. Similar situations have occurred in China, and the United States is different from the rhythm of various trends:

Chinese because Internet is lagging behind the development of the Internet bubble burst, from 2000 until 2004, the first generation of the information portal is still the leader, until 2004 after the listing of Baidu opened BAT era.

and the financial crisis in 2008 only strengthened this pattern, and did not appear like apple, Facebook, such as the new king – although there have been like Jingdong, millet >

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