Mobile phone card to implement the real name system the impact on the geometry

mobile phone real name system for many years, this time to play really. Under the mandatory requirements of the relevant departments of the state, the three operators finally unified action on the phone’s real name authentication to take the final action.

, according to media reports, the three operators have to notify the user, must be in the near future to the original is not the real name authentication of mobile phone card formalities, after the new account user is in strict accordance with the requirements for real name. From the beginning of this month, has not handled the phone card real name registration of users, for tariff adjustment, business inquiries, etc. will be limited, and does not rule out the possibility of downtime.

for a long time, due to the special historical reasons and high KPI assessment, many mobile phone cards are not the real name system, which brings security risks, to open the floodgates wide to criminals. After the enforcement of the real name system, although it can not fundamentally solve the security risks, but it can still raise the cost of criminals committing crimes, for society is more advantages than disadvantages.

Chinese advance phone users real name system on the spot for identity verification


according to the relevant aspects of the introduction, currently on the market the existing non real name mobile phone card users can generally be divided into four kinds, namely the owner’s name as "temporary account", a user name is displayed as "certain agents" and other temporary card; another is mobile phone card registration information is not complete; the third is not matching the owner’s name and the actual user information; there is a group of card owner’s name as a unit, the name of the agency.

in the real name authentication process, operators are required to apply for the real name of mobile phone users must be present at the scene, and carry my ID card. Some operators also need to provide users with mobile phone service password and the recent 5 phone calls from the phone records, in order to re apply the real name, and some need to print out nearly $three monthly payment and provide mobile phone service password. In short, is to strive to achieve the unity of the phone card and use.

mobile phone real name system is bound to promote the number of users will be three basic operators will be damaged. Before this, a lot of people holding a lot of cards, some cards just as convenient and temporary open, because the procedure is simple and no information on their own and hook and did not give up, this time, to the real name authentication, a lot of people may be cancelled or simply do not apply for the passive shutdown. More importantly, there are a lot of three operators in the number of users of water, partly in order to complete the sales task, part of the agents who make money, this may be greatly compressed. Thus, the three operators will certainly lead to a decrease in the number of users in the short term, but in the long run it will promote the healthy development of China’s communications market operators.

at the same time, because the basic completion of mobile phone real name system for mobile phone users, the use will also be included in the credit system, individual behavior better with the corresponding user, will allow operators to develop a good application to the market more needed, would also help the telecom operators not.

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