CN domain name regulatory tightening COM registration surge 10 times a week

with the weekend China Internet center start domain campaigns, especially the individual registered ".Cn" domain name was banned after a large number of domain name registration Chinese looming "immigrants" tide, flocked to the ".Com" domain names such as offshore. Data show that the latest week from China’s.Com domain registration number surged 10 times.

and some foreign domain registration agencies have seized the opportunities, have the opportunity to "gold".

The reporter found that

from the domain name webhosting website statistics, last week, China domestic registered ".Com" domain name number soared to 190 thousand, while the week before, only 13 thousand. In this regard, industry analysts said: ‘.Cn’ domain name registration policy tightening, a large number of individual users out. Thus, a large number of domain name changes, China individual investors (commonly known as "corn") began to shift the battlefield, through a large number of registered ".Com" domain name to avoid regulatory environment."

".Com" registration number of hurricane, has been abroad, domain name registration body smell opportunity. Reporters found that, including the world’s largest domain name registration service provider GoDaddy, including several large foreign domain name registrar have stationed in China, taking advantage of this opportunity to concentrate on doing China corn business.

a senior "corn" revealed that the ".Cn" domain name through agent to get the price is about 30-50 yuan / year, and the ".Com" domain name registration fee of 18 yuan, paid about 180 yuan a year. Although the cost is higher, but the registration is very easy, if you can change hands for one year, the investment cost is very low.

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