SARFT interviewed video network music box sale four throwing mechanism 300 million

reporter Chen Jing

intern reporter Wu Jiayi Shenzhen reported

sudden bad almost LETV (300104.SZ) nailed to the daily limit.

the evening of July 15th, it is reported that, in July 11th and 15, press and publication administration were met with the central three Taiwan (country wide, CCTV, CNR) as well as Guangdong, Zhejiang, leading Hunan, Shanghai Bureau of the four local stations and on the current Internet TV management and business work problems and rectify the direction and time has put forward clear requirements. The message said, "the Internet TV license interviewed party atmosphere is stronger than ever", or the Internet TV history the most stringent regulatory policy execution begins.

July 16th, LETV Meng were institutions zapan, the afternoon was limit. At the close, the stock fell 9.75% to close at $36.28 / share. The LETV charts show that four institutions sold a total of nearly 307 million yuan.

"we have not received any information from the competent authorities." July 16th afternoon, LETV stakeholders on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter responded.

and reporters in July 16th, as the mall’s official website found that music as a box column, two boxes are scheduled to be suspended. Official website shows, as the music box C1S has been discontinued, the upgraded version of NewC1S glory listed, and in the music box NEW C1S column, it shows that due to the shortage of suspended reservation, please look forward to".

music as a result of the suspension of the box is expected to cause a lot of speculation in the market, the aforementioned reasons for the suspension of the reservation did not respond.

, the market generally believes that the SARFT regulatory policy for blockbuster, China media such licenses and terminal participants on the video site is good, bad. Industry analysts on twenty-first Century economic report reporter pointed out that Internet TV SARFT will review on the agenda, with No. 181 ("hold Internet TV operator license management requirements") as the core of a "pre review", which content on the TV box to control, the impact will be forced to video website new industry play.

Strengthen the supervision of the "mouthpiece"

is currently seven licenses which have varying degrees of violations, SARFT clarified the four requirements for rectification of Internet TV: one is the introduction of foreign TV drama, micro film must be offline during the week, both in the old contents of the box or new box, no matter which version should be maintained and cleaned; content regardless of the source terminal which are included in the integrated control platform management, all the content on the platform by the party responsible for the license; two is the introduction of different versions of EPG must be reported to the administration; three is without the approval of the end product is not allowed to market; four is to immediately stop cooperation with certain companies being investigated.

General Administration of radio,

, all of the above rectification projects must be completed within a week, the latest in July

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