Direct purchase of the Pacific direct selling company chairman arrested

reporter learned from the police department, since April 15, 2012, public security, industrial and commercial authorities jointly carry out unified action within the scope of national investment in Jiangxi Development Co., wonderful life related personnel suspected of selling illegal and criminal activities were investigated, the company chairman Tang Qing South captured the main suspect.

after preliminary investigation, since 2009, the suspect Tang Qingnan et al in the "Pacific direct purchase official website" electronic commerce under the guise of to develop the line level obtain rebates as bait to "pull the head" "charge entry fees" such as the development of the channel, to charge a deposit, get huge illegal profits, suspected of MLM crime.

currently, Tang Qingnan and other suspects have been arrested on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities. Local public security, industry and commerce authorities are in accordance with the law to investigate and deal with other crimes involved.


Pacific direct purchase network constitutes a pyramid selling margin was investigated layers of

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Pacific direct purchase network over the top of the channel was arrested for collective prosecution

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