Electronic commerce young things do not worry about words

China is the world’s largest e-commerce sites. Is also the world’s most abundant e-commerce, the most species, the largest business model changes.

government agencies did not have a few decent sites, not to mention e-commerce. But with the ever-changing market, e-commerce market has been the country as the first one to develop the project. Followed by one after another large-scale government to the introduction of e-commerce was born.

e-commerce site from the beginning to the existing ten years, but not much money. The so-called money is the development of life, light industry has a large number of sites have thousands of. Here is enough to grab a meal. Ali, HC scale and innovation, monopoly industry e-commerce to make innovation in various fields with industry. Want to break your mind all day to make an innovation, to solve a demand. Needs to solve, but still can not earn money.

although the pattern of e-commerce now seems to have been set, but still far from the real e-commerce. So many industry elite began to frequently change jobs frequently start, for the project, all feel their own good, as long as good for investment will be bigger. But the fact is not the case, the name of the industry electronic commerce website alliance Sheng Chu Zhong giant good, also can well imagine the future potential. But Guo Fansheng said the last sentence half alive, don’t talk to the comprehensive e-commerce website industry rivalry, fight money to fight, fight technology, the size of the fight will not work, is to let all of you let go don’t do it. Guo Zong’s words are not unreasonable, but the existence of a market if only save you two HC, Ali in the world competition will only die even worse. Even if you give them a meal, as part of their own experience. The market is big, everyone has a chance. You are doing well, it must be you can not do or when you can not think of. You are the person we are people, people Knowledge is infinite. people, what might have happened. Otherwise, Ma will not be scolded in the case of the death of the better.

is a website of tens of thousands of tens of millions of enterprises to carve up the strong heart weak can eat melon, pick up a melon, rotten person waiting for seedling. Everyone’s life is not good, but also better sites not in eating and sleeping, anxious to get angry. But most for a dream, a goal is still desperately bar, endure, broadband fee has not landed yet tomorrow.

In fact, both for the

like Ali, the size of the site or HC as some famous industry website, or fish and shrimp. We will have our own position in this market, just to control the size of the difference. With Baidu, but also professional search music, professional search trade, search companies why. It will be useful, may be useful to users, may also be directly acquired by large companies. This is the market, you need not be afraid of me, I do not fear you. You have the ability and ambition for a lifetime do not lose. I’ll be mine, and I’ll be there as soon as I get a chance. I can’t go on.

is a young enterprise, not even ten years old. A young boy, like the Warring States period. Even the most

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